being Canadian

Being a Canadian is a different feeling altogether. Our team at comes from around the world and has made this wonderful country their home.

Let’s hear what feelings Canada Day evokes in them.

Aruj Saleem – Community Manager

What a beautiful country and people! Having my Canadian citizenship means home to me. It means freedom, safety and security. A piece of my heart will always remain in Pakistan, but the day I took my oath and became a citizen in Canada – which happened just a month back – I felt lighter, happier, like I could make all my dreams come true.

Mariam Mazhar – Contributor

Being a Canadian means shoveling snow twice a day in the winter. The need to be the best driver on slippery roads and surviving to reach work in time. It means being housebound for almost 8 months and waking up to mow the grass and remove weeds in the backyard. It means wrapping your skin in so many layers in winters that you forget your actual skin colour.
And the best part is playing guess their origin game whenever you are at the bus stop or in a restaurant. I love Canadian diversity!

Ive seen ten Canadian winters and have always complained about them, but I take immense pride in celebrating my birthday with the land I call home, July 1st!

Muneezah Jawad – Social Media Manager

Being a Canadian to me means belonging to a country where the rights of all people come first. I am free to dress, speak and live exactly as I please. Mosques, churches and temples stand side by side peacefully which is rare in these volatile times. I can practice my religion and culture without fear. It’s the perfect mix of west meets east.

Its beauty knows no bounds. From glaciers to lakes, beaches, to rolling plains, Canada has it all. It has been my home for 15 years and every year has been a joy. Thank you Canada!

Nabeela Ahsan – Contributor

Its ironic that my family and I took our oath on August 14th. I havent looked back since that day and that is a privilege – to be able to move forward unfettered. Being Canadian means I dont get held up at airports. Being Canadian means I am in the driving seat of my life, not cultural pressure. Being Canadian means my children can go out and play in a safe environment. Being Canadian means my parents are far, far away and I miss them and that is a shared experience that binds me to my community. But when my husband is late from work, I do not assume the worst and that is also a gift of living in Canada and being Canadian. Happy Canada Day!

Sadaf Afshan – Editor, Parenting

As a Canadian Muslim of Indian origin, I feel privileged to be a part of Canada’s colourful cultural mosaic. I love the fact that multiculturalism is a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian heritage.  Even though the diverse immigrant groups share common beliefs and values, they have maintained their identities in this mosaic instead of making Canada a cultural melting pot. Alhamdulillah (Thanks and Praise to God) , I have never felt discriminated in this country because of my religious beliefs, ethnicity or race.

Somia Khan – Assistant Community Manager
Canadian citizenship means freedom, peace, security and above all Canada is a land of opportunity. I love Canada because living here, it doesnt matter what you look like, what language you speak and which religion you follow, everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. My husband studied engineering here for almost five years and it wouldnt have been possible without government support for citizens. Canadian government loans and scholarship programs are excellent especially for those who have family and children but still want to pursue higher education. After having three children I also decided to go back to school. I studied two years towards my Medical Aesthetics and electrolysis degree. I love the Canadian education system and I’m blessed to be here. I am a proud Canadian !

What are your feelings on being Canadian, how do you celebrate Canada Day with your family? Any traditions and activities you would like to share with us? We love to hear from you all!