is running a fundraising campaign to collect zakat for Sakeenah Homes! Please note the donation link is right on Sakeenah Homes website, we are not collecting any funds in any other way. You can donate here: fundraiser for Sakeenah Homes

Sakeenah Homes is doing essential work in our communities – Sakeenah Canada! Sakeenah has been helping women, children and families who face violence, homelessness and poverty, reach safety, serenity and strength.

Sakeenah runs many important programs, from womens shelters to food programs, from foster care to mental health therapy. Please check them out on their website:
Every dollar you donate today will go towards Zakat: Sakeenah is Zakat-eligible and has a 100% Zakat policy, meaning that no admin fees will be taken from these donations. You will also receive a tax-receipt at the end of the year for your donation today.
Please donate generously – thank you for your support!