By Mona Ismaeil


“I’m bored” said no mom ever! As the kids head back to school, you may find you have a little extra time.  That is when you finish laundry, cooking, cleaning, and the other 101 things you have on your list. If you do find some time, or you want to try something new here are some ideas for keeping busy when the kids go back to school.

1. Get Creative

It may not seem realistic  to renovate your entire living room but perhaps a small “Do it yourself” (DIY) project like recovering your cushions is doable. Pintrest is full of great and easy projects for your entire home. Many projects can be accomplished in a very frugal budget too!

2. Keep Active

Keeping active as a busy mom can be very difficult. It is important to remember that an active lifestyle is the key to a healthy, long life. So take this time to get a membership to a gym. There are women’s only gyms like Spa Lady. If the idea of lifting weights or sitting down at the scary equipment trying to figure out how to use it is not your cp of tea, there are other options. Most gyms offer a wide range of group classes through the day for different fitness levels and goals. Try a few out and see what you like the most. Get your shake on in a zumba class, sweat it out during a spin class, test your strength  in a Vipr class or be zen in a yoga class.  There are also strollersize groups in almost every city. Get together with other moms and encourage each other.

3. Learn something

As a mom I sometimes (often actually) crave the feeling of using my brain beyond diapers and the lyrics to “The Wheels on the Bus”. Whatever it is you’ve been dying to learn,  now is your chance! Try some of these ideas :

A. Cooking

B. Woodworking

C. Art, painting or drawing

D. Become a certified instructor

E. Take an online course

F. Learn another language

G. Computer Skills

4. Pamper Yourself

I realize telling you to go for a spa treatment  everyday is unrealistic but you can do many things to make yourself feel look and feel great at home. Again, Pintrest has many great ideas.

A. Give yourself a mani/pedi.

B. How about a facial?

C. Have a bubble bath

D. Meditate/Pray

E. Do some Writing /Journal Writing/ Blogging

5. Share Your Skills and Hobbies

Whatever it is you are passionate about, there are other moms that feel the same! Reach out to other moms and get together with them to do that hobby together! Book clubs, Knitting clubs and other women’s  groups exist for that exact reason. If you can’t find something in your community, start your own group and watch it grow!

6. Start a Business

This many sound scary but it’s not. From my experience, the most successful  businesses  are those which start and continue as the owner’s passion. The world of business has changed a great deal and you no longer need a storefront or a website even. Facebook offers great options for promoting and selling your items right from your own home. There are other sites you can promote on depending on your skill. Try also Fiverr and Elance. The options are endless.  any skill you have can be capitalized because someone else doesn’t have that skill!

a. Making jewelry

b. screen printing

c. flower/chocolate arranging

d. clothing design

e. translation of documents

f. proof reading

g. writing articles

h. tutoring (online or in person)

Whatever you are doing, make sure it is bringing you joy and a feeling of accomplishment. You should always feel fulfilled but whatever you are spending your time doing.

About the Author

Mona Ismaeil is  the Associate Editor She is also an elementary  teacher turned blogger and writer. Mona is the proud owner of Modern Hejab and stay-at-home mom to a sweet little girl. She loves to travel and see all the world has to offer with her family.