By Humairah Irfan

Recently, I asked someone about their Eid plans yesterday and the response was…”no plans, theres nothing to do!”

Nothing? Wrong!

Theres sooo much you can do, and you MUST do! Ive got some amazing ideas ? so save this article and get planning!

Lockdown does not mean that you cant celebrate Eid or have an amazing summer. It just means your celebration will be different and that is a blessing in disguise.

Every time were forced to do something outside of our comfort zone, or different from the norm (be it our personal norm or societal norm), you grow. You grow from within and experience your world, your reality from a different perspective!
So tell yourself this summer is going to be awesome inshallah. Here are some ideas!

SHARE this with your family and friends. Be creative- Have some themes and even plan your Eid Al Adha into it.

?Picnic in the Park ?

Plan an outdoor walk, take your picnic and enjoy it outdoors! Dont forget to take reusable plates & cutlery, water and a large picnic mat. Pick a park with a trail so you can enjoy a walk as well. Reflect on your Ramadan experience as a family.

? Gazebo ?

Same as the picnic, but you can choose a park that has a gazebo and makes for great photos and rain cover too!
And if you have a picnic table, you can set up a watermelon or banana eating contest! Those are a riot!

? Outdoor Book Club ?

Take your favorite books and read outdoors. Share your favorite parts, read to each other. Simply be!

?Bike Ride ?

Transport your bike to the River Valley or even just bike a different route in your neighborhood! Last year we did a bike ride in our neighborhood and went door to door wishing all our neighbors Eid Mubarak. It was real fun and we surprised all the kids (and parents!)

?Plan a Scavenger Hunt ?

Hide fun things (can be Eid themed)
Some ideas: coloured ribbons, nature objects, bright laminated Value cards and let the kids and you run around looking for them!
Once I even simply did stickers (although you do want to go back and take them all down)
Hang a piñata as the last part of the hunt and allow your kids and yourself to beat it black & blue!

? Geocaching ?

Or, take your scavenger hunt to the next level with Geocaching. If you dont know what Geocaching is, its basically a worldwide multiplayer digital treasure hunt where you search for scavenger items by GPS coordinates. Download the free app, see whats in your area and get on caching. Its a wonderful way to get out but stay isolated and completely socially distant. But dont forget, if you take a treasure from a cache, leave a treasure!

? Sweet Neighbours ?

Nicely pack up your favorite treats/snacks and give them out to your neighbors. We usually ring the bell and place the item on the floor and back off a few meters.

???? Frisbee ?

Or any other outdoor game really! My husband and I quite enjoy playing frisbee. Kite flying anyone?

?Play Hide n Seek Outdoors ?

I love this game, its really one of the BEST! Youll easily hit your 10,000 steps!

????Hike ?

Lots of places to hike in your city! Id recommend the River Valley or Hawrelak Park. Hiking is great because it destresses, allows the family to have meaningful conversation all the while being close to nature. Climb some trees as well!

? Driveway Eid/Summer Party ?

Im did this one for Eid and the ideas caught on! Set up goody bags on your drive way and portable snacks. Throw some chalk, skipping ropes, balls, ropes and enjoy playing as a family on your driveway!

? Outdoor Photoshoot ?

This is a great time to pull out the tripod. Youre dressing up for Eid anyways, might as well get some fun photos in at a nice location!

? Outdoor family concert ?

If youre like me, print out your favorite songs, get a mike (or just a fake one) and set up a concert in a park.

In addition to spending your summer outdoors as much as possible, I encourage you to sign up for a personal challenge, such as a longer hike or a charity race/run or walk. This will make your summer much more meaningful, allowing you to focus on accomplishing something youve never done before, and realizing what things usually hold you back. When you sign up for a challenge, your time becomes more precious and important to you and begin to drop the tasks that suck your energy or dont make you productive.

So there you have it! Wishing you the best Eid possible!

About the Author

Humairah Irfan is a fitness & nutrition expert & educator. She is the Owner of HI Energy Fitness and coaches her clients online across the world through her Flagship program, Triple your Energy in 90 Days that helps busy Muslim women reduce pain, boost their energy and lose weight without limiting themselves.  She teaches Muslim women that strong is beautiful and sexy.
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