By Mona Ismaeil


Keeping children entertained while travelling can be very tricky! Long lay-overs can be more exhausting than the flights themselves! Luckily for us, most airports have some sort of a play area to entertain your little ones. I have compiled a list of some popular airports that make it to the itinerary of Canadian families.

North America

Edmonton International Airport

Although EIA has four children’s play areas they are not that great. My two year old daughter did not find them entertaining. However they do have another neat idea for those parents planning ahead. They have a printable activity book for older children with  more than 20 pages of fun activities.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

There is a small play area at the end of the terminal near gate D22 (up a flight of stairs from Gates D1-D15).


London Heathrow International Airport

This very large airport can be hard to navigate due to its size but if you have a layover here; you will not be disappointed. There are a number of family-friendly areas throughout the airport.

Family lounge – Terminal 3

The Family Lounge is a dedicated area for families with play areas for ages 0-2 and 3-9, a childrens quiet area, and a Game Zone for children aged 10 – 15.The lounge is in departures, after security (near the Ted Baker store),just follow signs for Lounge A.

Play areas – Terminals 1, 2, 4 and 5

Theres endless pre-flight fun and entertainment for your children in the Stay & Play areas. With slides, soft play areas and separate areas for babies and older children there is something for everyone! You may even want to get in for some fun. Stay & Play is suitable for children aged 0 – 9.

Terminal 1

Departure lounge (after security), near Caffè Nero and Dixons.

Terminal 2

Main Terminal 2A departure lounge (after security), near Gate 16.

Terminal 4

Departure lounge (after security), on the way to Gates 1-6.

Terminal 5

Main Terminal 5A departure lounge (after security), near Gate A7

Frankfurt International Airport

In Frankfurt they are with the times! If you are travelling with a tablet, be sure to download their Children’s App with six fun filled games!

Also,  they have a stroller borrowing service Free of Charge! The system is simple: in Terminal 1, strollers are available at the service point in the pre-security part of Concourse B and at information counter 10 in the B transit zone. In Terminal 2, you can pick one up at the service point between Concourses D and E in the pre-security area. When you’re finished, you take the stroller back to where you got it. Or, if you’re departing or changing planes, you can simply leave it at the gate. Airport staff will collect it there.


Singapore Changi Airport

This airport is probably the best Ive come across when it comes to children’s entertainment. In every terminal you will find lots of options for your children including a large indoor playground,  butterfly  garden, movie  theater and so much more! Check out their website for all the options! AND make sure you have a long layover in Singapore!

Tokyo Narita International Airport 

There is a fun little play room in the Central Building, 3rd Floor after passport control. It is quite easy to find as it is in the middle of the restaurants and duty free shopping.  It is best for children 0-5.

Hong Kong International Airport

Aside from being a lovely open and bright airport they have a few lovely play areas to keep your children occupied

Play areas

Between Gate 23 and 25 in the Departures Level- Terminal 1  and between gate 509 and 510 in the Departures Level – North Satellite Concourse.

TV lounges

Near Gate 1, 15, 41 and 60 in the Departures Level – Terminal 1.

New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport 

A compact and well equipped play area called Kids zone is available for children of different ages and interests after the security hold in the departure terminal.

Middle East

Abu Dhabi Airport

Here, they also have FREE stroller borrowing services in various points throughout the terminals.

One part of making travelling with kids easier is to plan ahead. For airports not listed above be sure to visit their website before you travel. You can usually find details about whether or not a play area is available by looking through the Airport Services portion of any website.


About the Author:

Mona Ismaeil is a teacher turned blogger and writer. Shes the owner of Modern Hejab and stay-at-home mom to a sweet little girl. She loves to travel and see all the world has to offer with her family.