By Hafsa Taher

ramadan banner

The holiest of months is finally here. Most often, in households with young kids, we find that the little ones are left out of the whole Ramadan experience. They watch their elders and learn from them, but there should be other ways to get them into the spirit of things and more involved in celebrating Ramadan.

Its not just about abstaining from eating and drinking during daylight; there is so much more to Ramadan. Here are five activities and crafts that can make this Ramadan as memorable for the young ones as for their elders.

Welcome Ramadan

Ramadan preparation for the kids in our house means making a “Welcome Ramadan” banner and ordering a “Welcome Ramadan” chocolate cake. As kids devour the cake, I find it a perfect opportunity to start conversations about what Ramadan means to them. We start with discussing the banner we made and then move on to other topics related to the month.

The best part about this banner is that it is perfect for all ages. The kids can be as creative as they want – or parents can make it as quickly and simply as they want. welcome Ramadan

You can make your own welcome Ramadan banner by downloading this simple template here. You can also download a professionally designed Ramadan Banner by Sakinah Design.

I feel this is really important because you want your child to know that Ramadan and Eid are very special holidays for Muslims just like other non-Muslim holidays are for the other children they know. Take time to decorate and prepare your home for Ramadan and Eid.

Ramadan Calendar

To make each day fun and interesting, make a 30 days calendar, Advent-style. Last year we made 30 paper cones using construction paper and taped them to a poster board. The paper cones were numbered, so on day 1, I would place a task / challenge for my niece to complete or a treat for her.

Ramadan Calendar

Jannah Steps has compiled a list where you can buy one easily or make it yourself.  Here are some Amazing Ramadan Advent Calendar Ideas.

Ramadan Crafts

Download printable and craft activities for kids to do during Ramadan. has a great collections of crafts for all ages. If you are a Pinterest-er, you  can follow my Free Printables board.

Good Deeds Jar

Based on your child’s age, brainstorm a list of good deeds they can do. Write them on individual slips of paper – 30 in total. Throw them in a jar, and every day the child picks a good deed to do for that day and one for each of the 29/30 days in Ramadan.

Good Deeds Jar

Good Deeds Jar

Prepare for Eid!

Eid preparation should really be done now and not during the last 10 nights. Decide on what you and family will wear, Eid gifts to buy – get it done now!  Have your children help you make shopping lists, shop and pack gifts. Prophet Mohammed (saws) said, giving gifts increases love. Save something they really want for Eid.

Here are my Top 6 Eid Gift picks.

The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said:

“Upon death, man’s deeds will stop except for three deeds, namely: a continuous charitable fund, endowment or goodwill; knowledge left for people to benefit from; and a pious righteous and God-fearing child who continuously prays to Allah, for the souls of his parents.”

– Muslim

May Allah (SWT) help us raise children who love his deen, who are God-fearing and amongst the leaders of this ummah. Ameen. Wishing you all a productive and blessed Ramadan!

About the author:

Hafsa Taher is the founder of HafsaCreates, an online store for handmade greeting cards, card-making kits and tutorials. Crafting for over 10 years, her goal is to make card making convenient, easy and fun for all. Check out her Ramadan blog at MyRamadanFun. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

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