February is traditionally the ‘red’ month, when hearts in all its sappy variations, chocolates and cuddly soft toys tempt us at every trip to the stores. Yes, Valentine. However at MuslimMoms.ca we celebrate not just ‘love’ we dedicate this month to relationships.

We are social beings, we have an innate need to be around people, be able to talk to them, tell them how we feel and assess how they feel and respond accordingly. How we relate to those around us makes us homo sapiens.

For this month, we have a stellar line up of articles. Whether it is self-realization, or a humourous take on advice to our younger self, dealing with toxic people, or lessons learned from decades of parenthood, our writers will have you coming back to this place all through February 2016!

If you are in mood for kitchen inspirations, we have you covered as well. Every Friday, we are going to feature a Recipe of the Week. Savoury entrees and sumptuously decadent desserts, make sure you check back every Friday to see what treat our food expert has to share.

For craft-lovers, we will be sharing Islamic crafts as a means to bond with your little ones while teaching them about our beautiful deen.

We believe in fostering positive, meaningful relationships, and most of all, we want to know what our readers want to read more of.

Have a fabulous February and here’s to hoping for an early spring.