Canada is a beautiful multi-cultural country and this month we are dedicating the website to everything Immigration. Immigrants come to Canada with their cultures, traditions, food, clothing, languages and make Canada that much more colorful, tasty and amazing!

Everyone comes to Canada for their own reasons. Some come for new experiences. Others come to provide their children with a better life. Perhaps some are forced out of their homes.  For some, marriage and starting a new family brings them to this foreign land. Although their journeys and stories may differ, there are some things that all immigrants have in common. New home, new people, new experiences and unfortunately new struggles. We will be exploring the joys and the struggles of being a new immigrant in Canada.

This month you will be able to get tips on document evaluations. This is very important as this is the first step towards your immigration.  Also, it can be confusing in a new place to get basic necessities such as a driver’s license or medical care.

Family is so important and it can be a struggle to be away from our loved ones. We are happy to give great tips for dealing with loneliness. Also, children of immigrants have their own struggles and one of our moms will be sharing her own experience with us.  Further, we have some insightful tips on what resources are available for families with children with special needs.

So many fantastic topics to explore! Wishing all our new immigrant Muslim moms a great start to their new life. Remember you are never alone. There is always a Muslim Mom just a click away!