By Mona Ismaeil

Summer is not really a Mohajaba’s season. Admit it, we all prefer autumn or winter, where we can layer our clothes and not feel like we are going to pass out from heat exhaustion. It’s time to change that! Summer can be the best time for a Mohajaba. All you need are these essential wardrobe pieces and you will be ready to beat the heat!

Ninja Underscarves

These are a MUST HAVE for any Mohajaba! They are so comfortable and easy to wear! They are great for many reasons but the most important is that they provide full head and neck coverage, giving you the freedom to style your hijab as you like. You can slip on these cotton underscarves, and loosely throw on your favorite hijab or tie your hijab back behind your head in the Spanish style without worrying about covering your neck.  A friend of mine went on vacation to Mexico last winter and she was wearing her ninja without a hijab over it! You can find these in many different colors at many hijab stores  as well as online.

Cotton solid tops

You know these are essentials for your wardrobe all year round. Solid tops can be hard to find but when you do find one you like, buy it in all colors! They are great for layering under a dress, a cute tank top and they also look great on their own with the right accessories.

Arm Covers

Summer time brings so many fabulous tops with flowing sleeves and often ¾ length sleeves. In the heat you do not want to be wearing ANOTHER long sleeve shirt underneath it. This why you need an arm cover! Again, all hijab stores and modest fashion e-tailers carry these in an array of colours. Put together your own collection to solve all your sleeve issues!

Maxi skirts and dresses

Summers are made for maxi dresses and skirt. There’s something to be said about modest clothing that is also breezy! These are totally in style this year which is a bonus for us. A mohajaba that wears something the right way, can make it seem on point with trends! Go Hijabistas!

Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts are so versatile as they come in so many different colors and styles. They are a great alternative to pants in the heat and if you do not want to wear a dress they can be a great choice.

Personally, I have not yet mastered this but my pairing a maxi skirt, casual or fancy with a solid cotton top is a great look!

Maxi dresses and skirts are easier to find, most women’s clothing stores carry them. If you are looking for something more tailored towards the Mohajabas try looking up for some really nice options online.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a basic in a mohajaba’s wardrobe. Every hijabista should have a couple of great maxi dresses for all occasions. She should have: a casual solid dress in a bright and fun color, a simple patterned dress for a lunch out, a garden party, etc. and finally a great maxi dress for a night out or a formal event like a wedding.

There are many ways to wear a maxi dress. The most common way is to wear a sleeveless dress with a long sleeve top under it. Other options include adding a lovely cardigan in a complimentary color or even better, a great blazer depending on the occasion.

If you are really lucky, you can find a fabulous maxi dress with sleeves that’ll be a huge asset to your wardrobe! Modest clothing industry is a burgeoning one and again, there are many options you can browse through on various e-tailers websites.

Button-up Top

I am seeing more and more of these tops this season. I personally love a chiffon button up blouse because they do not need to be layered with anything! Many people are afraid of pattern but a great patterned top in the summer is just beautiful!

One look I really love this year is the blouse, with the Turkish hijab style and a short collar necklace. It just looks so smart and sophisticated.  Blouses are historically a very feminine article of clothing and I think we should really accentuate our femininity and celebrate it.

On the other hand, a most masculine button up top with a great pair of pants can look amazing too when paired with some fantastic accessories. This look will ride a fine line between strong and soft, what’s not to love!


These days, I am really loving mixing and matching accessories.  My favorite accessories are bracelets and rings.  The latest ring trend I came across and have decided to give a try is “Ring Stacking”. Basically, you buy rings that come in a bundle, perfectly matched and you wear more than one at once. They usually come in a stack of 5 but can be mixed and matched in different combinations.

The idea of mixing accessories with different styles and textures is really in. There are no rules anymore to what can we worn with what.  No longer do we have to choose between gold and silver.  As Stacey and Clinton from TLC’s What Not To Wear Say: “It doesn’t have to match, just has to go”. As long as your accessories have a common style, then you can wear them together.

Creativity and Personality



Your clothes should show who YOU are not who you think you should look like. It’s easy to play dress up and buy the whole outfit as it was displayed on the mannequin but you won’t be doing yourself any justice.

Fashion is about finding your own style, pairing it with your personality and letting the world see it.  Be open to playing with colors and patterns. Do some research and get some ideas from the trends out there but do not become a slave to one specific style. Break free! Be a feminine girlie-girl today then rock a classic shirt and pants combo tomorrow.

Everything you put on should make you feel amazing! Dress for you, dress on purpose. Above all remember: “Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty”.

About the author:

Mona Ismaeil is mother to a sweet little toddler, owner at Modern Hejab  and a blogger.