By Tayyaba Ali

Importance of Spirituality 

Spirituality gives life meaning,  connectedness and a clear purpose. It brings peace, wholeness and balance among the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of our lives through taqwa (God Consciousness). It helps us to make sense of it all by setting morals, which is being able to know difference between right and wrong.

Why Prayer Space is Needed

Creating our space and place for prayer allows us to approach our inner stillness more readily and silence in prayers so we can fully concentrate in khushu to God, recharge and reconnect with your body, soul and mind.
The space that keeps me grounded, gives me guidance, humbles me, uplifts me and relaxes me. It is my spiritual elevation place, where I go for emotional release, take my worries and put my trust. Even though one can pray and offer salah anywhere if the surroundings are pure, with only a prayer rug anywhere in the house, an intentionally decorated space brings much needed peace.
This year before Ramadan I decided to finally find and adorn the Special Prayer Corner. Prayers definitely need concentration and privacy. Choosing a special spot for salah removes distraction and promotes a feeling of calm and peace.

Creating a Prayer Corner

Let me help you create an Islamic space in your home that invites prayer and reflection. If you make the space sacred, it is more likely that your children will intentionally use it. My children love coming to me when I pray, waiting patiently beside me till I finish praying, and then cuddling with me with so much love and affection. I am in love with the sabr we are cultivating together.

I had been trying to find a spot to make a prayer corner for a while since every corner in the house is jam packed with something. In my hunt for this special place, I became more organized with my possessions. I am so content that I managed to find and put together whatever I had available in the house and did some d.i.y for the area and guess what? so can you!

Pick the Right Space:

A corner nook in the bedroom or living room facing the qiblah if space is not enough and even better a secluded spot if you have a bigger area. Try to keep this space exclusively for quiet prayer and spiritual reading.

Gather the essentials:

A prayer area needs only a prayer rug. But to make it more cozy you may also place a smaller carpet underneath easily( I got mine from ikea). Placing a carpet also makes it easier on the knees. You can also place a basket, ladder or a small side table to put away prayer rugs, scarves, or long prayer garment. Keep the Qur’an easily accessible and books you may want to read after Salah. A wooden Quran holder is an option to place it at as well as for reading. If you use tasbeeh, keep one with your prayer rugs for easy access after salah.

Create ambience for a spiritual experience:

You can be very minimalistic or you can choose to be creative. Whatever you choose, keep it simple, and uncluttered. You want to create a space where you are drawn to connect with Allah swt, rather than experiencing too much stuff. Here are a few ideas to decorate your salah space:

• Install wood ledge for placing the Quran and other Islamic books.

• Decorate the walls with inspirational Quranic verses, or calligraphy.

• Place a decorative box to store your prayer beads or dua cards.

• Place a natural plant as natural aura can significantly reduce stress and help you relax and focus.

• Place a cushion by the wall if you want to sit more in that area against the wall.

• Place a lamp or candles for softer ambience for night time reading.

Do you have a prayer corner in your home? How do you have it set up? Does the designated space encourage you or your family members to spend more time in Salah, dhikr and spiritual reading?

About the Author

Tayyaba Ali is a Hijabi Vlogger with a lifestyle blog at ThereaIT.G