Boss Ladies in Hijab is our initiative to showcase a group of Muslim women entrepreneurs with multiple skills and outstanding achievements.


We showcased six Hijabi Muslimahs who are successful entrepreneurs. These women all have a similar vision for what it means to be a Boss Lady.  The main purpose is to promote the idea that Hijabi women can be trailblazers who take a great idea and build a successful business with it that can truly make a difference.  It is about breaking barriers and reiterating the fact that Muslim Women are independent and outgoing. 

Who are they?

The entrepreneurs showcased in this feature are:

Erum Zehra from Prestige Interactive

Maliha Khan – Talk Show Host and Community Activist

Noreen from Xception Beauty Studio

Qudsia Zahra from Libaas Collection

Sana Taimur from Melaan Designs

Saman Munir – Hijab Stylist and Fitness Expert

Being a Mom/Entrepreneur is a balancing act that these 6 women have mastered. Keeping up with the demands of family life as well as the dedication and effort needed to be a successful business woman is challenging but very rewarding. These 6 powerhouse women are perfect examples of a modern day Khadijah (RAA).


The inspiration for this feature comes from the original Boss Lady, Khadija Bint Khuwaylid the first wife and follower of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). She was a successful merchant whose trade business stretched from Mecca to Syria.  She employed many people, but she was also known to give generously to those in need. Not only a well-established business owner in her own right, but a devoted, supportive and loving wife and mother. What a great example for all Muslim women!


Through the Boss Ladies in Hijab feature we hope to inspire and encourage women to embrace their strengths, and also to give them a vision of how they can achieve more while staying true to their values.

Stay tuned for features on their individual journey, how these women have been overcoming their challenges and what do they think is their magic that helps them be a high achiever!

Photographs by Maahi Mehdi