By Elaf Selim

Apps for supermoms

Not too long ago, I was introduced to the magical world of mobile apps. I resisted the urge to move into this new era for quite some time, since I am already on the computer most hours of the day. I work in the IT field and I thought that I really didn’t need any more technology in my life. And then my husband decided to gift me a smart phone and I was hooked. I found so many awesome apps that can help me and other busy moms in their everlasting quest to become Super Moms. So, if you are struggling to find enough hours in the day, or to organize your busy life, here are a few apps that I’ve found to be very useful. They are all free and available on both iOS and android platforms.

Mint: Personal Finance & Money

This is one of the most popular personal finance apps. It is useful for busy moms since they can manage credit cards, bank accounts, personal income, monthly budgets all in one convenient tab.

Google Calender

This is a life saver, it helps you organize your schedule, send out event reminders, invitations and keep track of all your appointments.


This is a great app to help you store important files that you want to access on the go. I always use it to save Quran files, e-books and audios so I can learn on the go.

Athan – Islamic Finder

Necessary if you are on the go a lot and need to know prayer times. I need this app since I can’t usually keep up with the changes in prayer times.


This app is beautiful and can help you make good use of any waiting time you may have. It allows me to read Quran in transit, which is amazing.

Podcast Addict

I love this app for learning on the go or while I do housework. We are in the age of podcasts and you can learn just about anything from the amazing wealth of knowledge available.

Food Network In The Kitchen

This recipe app is very entertaining and useful. You have thousands of recipes at your fingertips and you can see videos as well.

Calorie Counter

This is a great app if you are on a diet. You can use it to calculate the calories you consume every day and make quick decisions. It can also help you plan better meals for you and your family.

Cozi Family Organizer

This app helps you organize your family calendar, manage to-do lists (can’t have enough of those), shopping lists and reminders for the important tasks in your life.


This is a popular medical app which allows you to check symptoms, get first aid information, and information about various medical concerns. It is always helpful if you have younger children who often get sick.

ShopSavvy UPC Barcode Scanner

This is a bargain hunting app. You can use it to scan the barcode of items using the phone camera to find the best prices on the internet and at nearby stores.

iMom – Pregnancy & Fertility

This app allows you to check the progress of your pregnancy. You can also manage your menstrual cycle/fertility calendar.

Are there any go-to apps that help your streamline your daily routines? We’d love to know how you use technology to make your lives easier.


About the Author:

Elaf Selim is a Software Engineer, a Jewelry designer, a blogger and a Mom. She is the owner of, a handmade artisan jewelry shop. She loves photography, writing, historical architectures and nature in all forms.