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by Mona Ismaeil


Ramadan is the month of mercy when all blessings and rewards are multiplied by Allah. What is the one deed that benefits not only you but others too? It is charity, the small acts of kindness that we do for others. There is no better time to begin or continue giving charity than Ramadan. By giving charity, not only will we be rewarded by Allah (swt) but the act of giving and helping others truly improves our well-being, emotional and spiritual health.

Charity can be carried out by anyone! No act of charity goes unrewarded. Charity can be giving of one’s wealth, time or efforts for the well being of others. There are many forms of Charity in Islam but the two most important forms are Zakat and Saddaqa.

What are some examples of Saddaqa?

1. Donate to the food bank

2. Smile- make someone feel good

3. Help someone with house work/yard work

4. Teach someone to read

5. Visit the sick

6. Be a shoulder to cry on/an ear to talk to

7. Volunteer your time

8. Cook someone a meal

9. Babysit for a tired mother

10. Forgive someone of any debt they have to you

Public iftar to celebrate beginning of Ramadan

Saddaqa Jarriya (charity that continues giving)

1. Donate to build a mosque, hospital or orphanage

2. Donate to buy resources or supplies for a mosque (Copies of the Qur’an), hospital (wheel chairs) or orphanage (bedding).

3. Plant trees

4. Help a child with their homework/study

5. Share Duas or lectures with family and friends

Boy transplanting the seedling

Popular belief is that acts of charity only benefit the recipient. But we are taught in Islam that the giver of charity benefits even more than the one who gets it. If you give charity, Allah rewards you in the hereafter and promises to increase sustenance and protect your wealth in this world.

Allah SWT says: The person who lends to Allah, a good lending will receive many times more”. (Sura al-Baqara, 2:245 )

We wish you a wonderful Ramadan. May your fasts be made easy, your charity accepted and may Allah shower your families with his endless blessings.

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