By Mona Ismaeil

photo credit: Nazer K via photopin cc

photo credit: Nazer K via photopin cc

Hijab is more than a head covering, as many a muhajabah can attest. It can take on many roles depending on your needs. Here are a few of our favourite ones!

The Hijabtooth

With all these distracted driving laws you need a safe and secure way to use your cell phone hands free. That’s easy when you have a hijab. Just slide it inside your hijab, against your ear and talk/drive away!

The Backup Hijab

Layering two hijabs can be a great fashion and style statement. It can also SAVE YOUR LIFE! If you have an emergency like a sprained ankle, a cut or if you spilled grape juice on your mother-in-law’s white leather couch, imagine how relieved you’ll be to have a second handy dandy hijab to act as a bandage, a sling or a towel!

The Identifier

Meeting someone for the first time? No need to walk around awkwardly, asking random people if they are so and so. Just tell the person, what color hijab you will be wearing and it should be easy to find you!

The Cover-up

Gain a little weight eating too many Eid treats? No problem! Wear your clothes a little looser and say that you are practicing extra modesty. 😉

The Protector

Sun: You have a hat

Rain:You have an umbrella

Snow/Cold: You have a winter hat

Pins To The Rescue

Camping and got attacked by a scurry of squirrels? Use your hijab pins to fight them off as they are trying to steal your halal marshmallows.

Bad Hair Day No More

When you friends are complaining about their bad hair days, you will be secretly smiling knowing your hair is back in a neat little bun protected by your fabulous hijab!

The Nose-dabber

Allergies? Got a cold? Reaching in your bag just to find that someone’s used your last tissue? No problem! Carefully and discretely dab your drippy nose with the inner side of your hijab. Be sure not to wipe as it may be too obvious and harder to hide.

What fun uses do you have for your hijab?

About the author:

Mona Ismaeil is mother to a sweet little toddler, owner at Modern Hejab  and a blogger.