Spring is in the air!

Who here loves winters? With the kind of weather most of Canada has experienced this past month, we have a whole new level of understanding (and dread) for the term ‘dead of the winter’. From setting new records of low temperatures to repeated ‘extreme cold alerts’, February was one cold and long month, never mind that the calendar said it was just 28 days!

Come March, we hope that spring comes marching in early. We love our winters here in Canada, but we also believe that it makes us appreciate spring more and look forward to the warm, sunny summer months with more enthusiasm than displayed in other parts of the world.

At Muslim Moms of Canada, we are dedicating this month, March 2015, to Spring -the season of eternal hope and ‘new life’. We will be talking about not just spring cleaning our homes, but also getting the negativity out of our lives for a better outlook. From heading outdoors for work-outs to instilling a love of nature in our children, from natural remedies for minor ailments to an exclusive interview with a rising star in the GTA political scene, we have an array of topics for you.

March is also Spring Break time, so stay tuned, we will share some activities on how to keep the kids busy without losing your sanity in that one week ! Thinking of ‘cleaning up’ your eating habits? Our resident nutritionist has some tips for you on the ‘Raw Food’ diet. We have humour, fashion and beauty trends report as well as a report on a new Muslim boutique opening in the GTA.

If you want to keep updated on the recent developments on the Health and Physical Education Curriculum issue, head over to our special coverage page, where our team writers share their opinions. We look forward to more of your contributions, comments and opinions.

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March has gotten off to a chilly start, but we can’t wait to shed all the winter gear and head out to enjoy some fresh air! Clear blue skies, we did miss you so!