By Mona Ismaeil

Red And Pink, Make Them Work!

Any average fashionista worth her heels knows that wearing red and pink at the same time is a major taboo! We are not average and we do things differently!  There are many creative ways to make these two beautiful colours pair together in perfect harmony. It’s like two soul mates divided by the restraints of boring fashion rules.


Not every fashionista will be brave enough to try this but why not? Give it a go, even if it’s just for Valentine’s Day date night. This exciting look is about paring bright and bold pieces together like a red patterned top with a bright fushia skirt. A great addition is a lovely  and simple statement necklace in a complimentary colour.

Subtle Beauty

If you are nervous about making too bold of a statement, try a subtle version of one of the colours paired with a bold version of the other colour. Like a baby or blush pink with a ruby red skirt.


For beginners to the art of red and pink combos, try your outift in either red or pink and choose your accessories in the alternate colour. Try a necklace, cuff, scarf or belt. You can even layer the accessories. This is and nice way to give a but of a creating flare to a your favourite look.


For our Mohajaba sisters, there are a number if ways to incorporate pink and red into your outfit:

  • Choose a patterned hijab which includes both colours
  • Mix and match the hijab and underscarf.
  • Add an accessory in one of the two colours.  Try a brooch, chain pin or headband.

Red And Pink, Make Them Work!

Rock the One Piece

Another bold look is finding a dress or skirt  that already has both colours in it and consider your work done for you. All you have to do is add a nude, white or metallic shoe and accessories.

Red And Pink, Make Them Work!

About the author:

Mona Ismaeil is the Associate Editor at and the proud owner of Modern Hejab, an Edmonton based online hijabs store. She is a new stay-at-home mom of a sweet little girl. Mona is also a former elementary school teacher turned blogger and writer.

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