The most beautiful time of the year, the holy month of Ramadan is upon us. A time of to get together with family and friends, to reconnect with your spiritual self and a time to restore, rejuvenate and reinforce your relationship with Allah (swt). Although Ramadan includes the struggle of hunger and thirst, the reward and blessings are more than can be counted.

The Muslimmoms.ca Team have come together to bring you a beautiful collection of Ramadan articles this month that are sure to keep you looking for and feeling and enjoying the many blessings of this Holy Month.

Fasting while living in the West brings forth two main issues. The first is the long hours between Fajr and Maghreb and the second is Ramadan while in the workplace. We have a great article offering tips for how to manage Ramadan while working.  We can’t forget those funny questions we are often asked during Ramadan!

Coming together for Iftar? Our team brings us Iftar etiquettes, this includes, how much to eat, special duaa and so much more to make your Iftar soirees a success!

Keeping up with a healthy diet is especially important during Ramadan.  It is vital to nourish your body and we have a great article to advise us as to how to eat well during Ramadan. We even have tips for going gluten free!

Our children are the future of our Ummah and teaching them to be proud practicing Muslims is of utmost importance. We have a number of articles this month focused on teaching children the blessings and the beauty of Ramadan. These include craft ideas and even a collaboration of how their beautiful eyes see this blessed month.

We can’t forget Eid! A lovely time to celebrate with family and friends!  We have great tips for preparing for Eid as well as how to have a successful Eid celebration!

Our Muslimmoms.ca would like to wish you a wonderful Ramadan filled with the priceless blessings of Allah (swt).

The Muslimmoms.ca Team will be taking a break for the month of July to spend some quality time for the second half of Ramadan and Eid with their friends and family.  We will be back to the grind in August with our “Back to School” articles.