By Nida Aman

Ramadan is a month of immense blessing and it’s that time of the Islamic year when Muslims all around the world fast from sunrise to sunset. It is by no means an easy task to fulfill as mothers face a greater challenge accompanied by spiritual as well as physical struggles. Taking time out of their busy routines, Ramadan is a challenging yet rewarding month for mothers.

Reminder to self as Mothers : All the work you do as a mother including -feeding-cooking-cleaning and driving counts as worship. Set an intention of pleasing Allah and you will not be missing out on the blessings of this sacred month.

Here are some tips to make Ramadan manageable for Moms.

Try to finish things early

Try to get as much done in the mornings if you are stay-at-home mom, working moms can use weekends to plan and finish things on weekends.

Skip the savories

Don’t waste time making savories and invest time only in healthy and easy meals options.Make big batch of food in Iftar.Left-overs can be used in Suhoor time.

Plan ahead

Ramadan planning for mothers is often hard because so much of their time is dedicated to others.

  • Meal planning: Making a food menu ahead is always a win win situation.
  • Grocery: Based on your week menu get all the grocery done ahead
  • Eid Clothes/stuff: It’s hard to take out time for shopping in Ramadan. Try to do finish all shopping before Ramadan.

Don’t over exert yourself

Don’t waste time in cleaning and doing extra chores in the house.

Add electrolytes to your Suhoor and increase water intake in Iftar. Make sure you don’t mis out on your daily vitamins and supplements.

Stash of activities for kids

Prepare a bin of activities a head to keep kids busy throughout the month of Ramadan. These activities will help to model good behavior and will help to create Ramadan memories with your children.

About the Author

Nida Khalid, is the Associate Editor at MuslimMoms.Ca.