Here are some essential health tips from our healing expert Ummul Patrawala to help your body for Ramadan. Ummul Patrawala is an Energy Healer and Resilience Coach. Please follow her on Instagram.

1. Manage  expectations

As a family create and share expectations on what the focus will be on Ramadan
For example: How can you manage your energy relative to the things you have to do.
Doing evening prayers together as a family

2. Sleep schedule

Start slowly waking up earlier this week, so you can wake up with enough time for sihori every morning
Be sure to create expectations around no screen after sunset/magrib so it doesn’t disturb your sleep. As a parent you need to model this first.

3. Nutritious Food

This week start looking at your current food choices
As a family come up with how you can eat more alkalizing foods versus acidic foods
Tip: add more greens to your diet- smoothies with greens, spirulina, wheatgrass
Avoid processed foods

4. Movement

High intensity workouts and exercises should be avoided
Instead add: Walking in the house or outside for 20 mins in the morning and especially after iftaar
This will help you digest the food, avoid heartburn etc and improve sleep quality

5. Add in time for rest

Schedule time in for rest this week and start changing your routine to prepare for the month
And during Ramadan listen to your body and rest for 15-30 mins every day, this will make sure you don’t overload your nervous system
Please watch the video for detailed explanation:

About The Author:

Ummul-kiram Patrawala
Certified Resilience Coach, HeartMath Institute
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner
Meditation and Myofascial Yin and Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Trauma Informed Facilitator, Psych-K Belief Work Practitioner