Salam Alaikum Moms.

We thought the worst of winter was behind us. However, as we huddle in our blankets and hear the howling winter storm winds outdoors in the GTA, blanketing everything in white snow, we also know that come tomorrow morning, we will once again dip into reservoirs of inner strength and get ready to face another day.

Our theme for this month is just that, this March we will be celebrating strong, dedicated women amongst us. Islamic history is inspirational in how women had been cherished and afforded opportunities to excel in life. Sacrifice, grit, bravery, honour, erudition, we only have to look at the lives of Ummahat al Momineen to be inspired in our daily lives. Returning to our day and times, we have a stellar lineup of articles, from teachers who shape our personalities in school, to charities run for and by women. We will also be sharing networking tips, and showcase Muslim Mompreneurs so you can find the courage to finally take your idea and transform it into a business entity.

At, we are also proud of our team of writers and editors who come from all walks of life and try to bring to you, our readers, informative, entertaining articles that, we hope, makes your life somewhat easier in Canada. Whether you learn something new, or get a good laugh out of one of writer’s witticism, we like to know that our readership enjoys the content we put together for them just as much as we do.

We look forward to hearing from you as always.