Our connected worlds

It’s September already. Who else wants to cling to the last remnants of a summer well spent? We loved the love our articles received for our ‘Back to School’ theme last month. For this month the team at MuslimMoms.ca decided to segue into what is now a natural progression of the learning experience: Technology.

Many parents among us had to give up on the battle against limiting their child’s screen time in the vacations but come September we will all be rethinking our strategies. We cannot deny that connectivity and technology is all pervasive in our lives today, from our highly connected existences to small appliances we use at home to get our work done. Are we addicted to our smartphones and are distracted parents? Should we consider a digital detox?

There are both good and bad sides to anything and same goes for what use we put the various technological tools we have on our hands today. There are numerous apps to help us streamline our daily lives, even help us in our Ibadah and aid in the learning process, for both Deen and Dunya.  All through September our team have a line-up of articles that can get you all thinking and of course we would love to hear back from you on how it affects your lives too. Should mothers worry over their children spending too much time over the social media? Should we limit our own times with our devices just to set an example? We’ll discuss these topics and then some more over the coming days, including tips for online mompreneurs and tales from the trenches on online dating in the Muslim world.

Later in the month we will be celebrating Eid ul Adha and we look forward to your feedback on how you incorporate your own traditions into your Canadian lifestyle and own this Muslim celebration.

September is also when winters start creeping into our lives. However we lover Fall more, let’s see how soon Mother Nature sees us bringing out our winter gear. We will of course share fall appropriate recipes, fashion, home decor, lifestyle and shopping tips with our readers to celebrate this month.

The kids are back in school, you have more time on hands, what better way to spend it than read what MuslimMoms.ca have in store for you?

Have a blessed September.