By: Ayesha Islam


As much as we enjoy the few warm months of the year in Canada, we can all agree that fall has a charm of its own. While we say goodbye to the long summer days of picnics and pack our barbeque grills with a heavy heart, cheer up because all is not lost! 


There are many fun-filled activities that you can plan with your family in the crisp, cozy days ahead with a cup of your favorite pumpkin spice latte. There is still plenty to do outdoors while experiencing the magnificent fall colors of the trees that add magic to our lives every year. 


Prepare to have a ball this fall by doing these 10 activities:


  1. Pack your bags for a hiking trip: Get your fall jacket out again, whip up some snacks, and fill your thermos with tea or coffee for a day trip to a local hiking trail. Experience the beautiful splendor of fall with your family by exploring the many forests just within your midst. 
  2. DIY a fall festival: Amidst COVID and large public gatherings canceled this year; why not plan your own mini festival? Involve the kids by taking them to the arts and crafts store and make autumn-themed decorations (there’s always Pinterest for inspiration) while planning out a few games with prizes. Gather a few of their friends for a fun afternoon in your backyard!
  3. Get toasty with a backyard bonfire: Enjoy these last few weeks before winter by planning a bonfire (or the easier way out, fire pit) while inviting some of your friends and toasting marshmallows for s’mores and your cup of hot chocolate!
  4. Get your artistic flair out with fallen leaves: Get creative and take advantage of the colorful leaves in your backyard by collecting them. Inspire your kids to make wreaths for your front door, draw designs on the leaves, or some cool rock art.
  5. Bring the chef out in you: Who doesn’t love baking in autumn? With the tempting smell of freshly baked pie laced with cinnamon and nutmeg, you are sure to bring the whole family together by baking a delicious apple or pumpkin pie. 
  6. Camping season is still not over: Did you miss the peak summer season to plan a family camping trip or simply not find a spot due to the mad rush this year? Don’t despair – there are still many places to spare! Plan a trip to see the famous fall colors in Algonquin or other parks nearby to experience the season like never before.
  7. Play hide and seek in a corn maze: Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds – many farms have made mazes filled with twists and turns within cornfields to unleash your inner explorer. What’s more, some of them even have fun themes that the kids can enjoy with puzzles and scavenger hunts to heighten your experience. Plus point: some farms even offer hayrides, petting zoos, and play areas for the little ones!
  8. Support your local orchard: Find out where you can go apple picking nearby your area, a fun activity for all age groups. Get the juiciest and most fresh apples instead of heading to the grocery store. There is nothing like freshly picked apples for a homemade apple pie!
  9. Stay in for a cozy movie night: With the nights getting longer and chillier, it’s time to get those throws and blankets out for some indoor fun. Instead of everyone being busy on separate devices, as usual, get that bowl of popcorn out and bring the family together for a movie night.
  10. Let loose with fall fun: We all know how tedious it can get to rake the fallen leaves in our backyards. Make this chore more fun by telling your kids they can jump in the biggest pile of leaves and make all the mess they want before cleaning up!


About the Author:

Ayesha Islam is a digital media specialist and freelance writer who lives in Toronto. She is a third culture kid who was brought up in Saudi Arabia and has lived in the UAE and Pakistan. She has worked in digital and print publications throughout the Middle East and Pakistan. As a passionate individual, she enjoys creative writing and reading in her free time and dreams of getting her debut novel published.