by Erum Zehra

Ramadan is right around the corner and we are looking forward to this month of blessings and spirituality. During COVID we have to come up with creative ways to welcome this month and involve our children in the experience.  One way is to involve our kids in the festivities and try to bring them closer to our religion. Having them participate in giving Ramadan gifts to family and friends and decorating the house with Ramadan is an excellent way to get them excited about this holy month.

Here are some Ramadan home decor and gift suggestions from companies based in Canada. Most of them are being run by mompreneurs and you can support them by shopping their unique and beautiful offerings.

1. Ramadan Calendars

Kids love to play with toys and what better way to teach them values and Islamic concepts than through play? Here are some online stores where you can buy some amazing educational Islamic  toys as gifts for your kids:


Our Ramadan Advent Calendar is up for preorder.
Quantity is limited so hurry up and order your box.
?Box includes 32 decorated cookies and a welcome Ramadan card. ?Price $60


Digital Strokes

Ramadan Advent Calendar pouches, purple and Glitter Green design on the pouches. Perfect for kids children activity in Ramadan and Eid.

There are 30 Burlap pouches advent calendar with 30 clips and a ribbon to chose from.  These Small drawstring bags are made of high quality and environmental friendly linen, made the bag is durable and which allows for air circulation. Inner is made of soft material which prevent scratching or keeping items clean when storing.

The calendar is not just to be used once; because of its high quality, it can be reused every year and can become a fun part of the family Ramadan traditions and something for children to look forward to each Ramadan. It is also a way for parents to bond with their children as they can carry out the tasks together, and parents can add to it gifts or sweets that they know their children will love. The calendar can be passed onto further generations and can become a precious family heirloom, and a form of sadaqah for those who passed it on. Truly it is more than just a calendar and will inshallah bring joy and spirituality to those who use it.

The Kareem Kase

This beautiful calendar box includes 30 individual boxes counting down to Eid, each with a Quranic verse, that can be filled with a treat or toy. Ordering and price information is in the image below.

Circle of Jars

Ramadan “Countdown to Eid with Good Deeds” Calendar is a beautiful mosque calendar available in 2 colours – purple & blue comes with 30 pockets. Includes 30 Good Deed cards to perform each day and 30 stars to stick on each pocket counting down to Eid. Also, a crescent moon that can be added to the pocket at iftat time. A perfect way to keep your kids busy in a fun and educational way!
Price: $20 (a portion of profits goes to charity)

2. Home Decor

Pop up Point

These are the items for ramadan and Eid decor: table cover, Tapestries or banner, cushion covers, and aprons for the cook.

Decor by Saba Adnan

These are the wooden Ramadan Mubarak greetings with intricate design on the crescent and 6 to 7 stars …use them with our coordinating burlap banner or paint them to match with your decor . Dimensions : 14 inch length of crescent and width is 5 to 6 inches

Each Ramadan greeting is 8 inches in length and 4 inches wide

Divine Canada

Digital Strokes

They offer beautifully designed decor items like sadaqah boxes and banners.



4. Ramadan Craft Kits

Niyah Building Blocks

They have designed various beautiful kits to help our children keep up with the spirit of Ramadan

Design your own Masjid Kit:

A finished wood product ready to be painted with your choice of acrylic colors. Review the etiquettes of going to the masjid while you allow your child to design their dream Masjid. Let it be a masterpiece in your home.  Painting is an experience. Learning while painting will be remembered.  The wooden parts are sanded and smoothed down for maximum paint absorption. Please note that the items will not be painted as the intent is to have your child learn while they paint. The painted picture is a guideline. However, if you would like the kit to be painted, it will be of extra charge.
Caution: Suitable for ages 4+. Parent supervision required.

Paint your Kaaba Kit:

Review the importance of Kaaba and Umrah this Ramadan while you allow your child to paint Kaabah and the family. Let it be a masterpiece in your home.

Own your Dhikr Kit:

Niyahs Dhikr kit comes with a tasbeeh and a set of dhikr cards.

The tasbeeh has 33 beads. The beads are made of high-quality natural wood. The size is such that it is easy for your child to weave the beads through the string.

The dhikr cards include SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah and AllahuAkbar.

Build their excitement to perform Dhikr as a habit. Children love presents and what better gift is there than giving our kids something that will motivate them to call on our creator and remembering Allah.

My little helper:

Allow your child to practice the above verse by letting them be kind to you in the kitchen. And start early.

This beautiful kit comes with an option to personalize the apron with your childs name,  “Alhamdulillah for everything” phrase, 2 cookie cutters, and a recipe card.

Teach them to be kind to you and empower them with tools that will establish independence from an early age.


The Crafty Soul

Kids Ramadan Activity Kit

Price $35

Our kids Ramadan Activity Kit is a perfect Ramadan treat for our young learners aged group between (4to 10 years old)

Ramadan is an amazing opportunity to introduce our children to Islamic values and traditions.

This activity kit comes with 10 different activities to encourage learners to learn about Ramadan in a fun an exciting way.

The activity kit includes:

Salah Tracker Chart

Tasbeeh making kit

Ramadan Mubarak Diy-doable banner

Five pillars of Islam

Good Deed action chart for 30 days of Ramadan with sticker sheet

I am Fasting badge

Dua Card stickers

A set of battery operated Fairy Lights

Ramadan book mark making activity

My Ramadan Milestone card

Set of coloring sheets.

4. Gifts and Gift Boxes

Want your kids to be excited about praying to Allah every day? Buy them a beautiful prayer mat that they would love to use! These stores offer exclusively designed prayer mats with gorgeous colors and patterns. Take a look and decide which you like the best:

Decor by Saba Adnan

S cubed Designs

Handmade one of kind Custom signs on 8 x12 inches of distressed reclaimed barnwood. Available in washed out white, washed out grey and walnut. Customize your sign for your special place. Each one is unique and handcrafted.


The Crafty Soul

Their Ramadan Gift basket is for $35-50 (Can be customized depending on range/items of choice):

Ramadan Mubarak Cushion cover

A lantern

A portable prayer Mat

A box of dates

Ramadan Kareen décor banner

Ramadan Mubarak décor letter/alphabets balloon set


They create beautiful cookie sets that can be gifted to your friends and family.

 About the Author

Erum Zehra is  the Project Manager of Muslimmoms.Ca. She  also runs a social media agency where she provides digital communication and branding help to entrepreneurs at Prestige Interactive.