AnM Couture deal in designing & styling of fabrics, reselling of designer branded collections & providing customized styling solutions to International clientele. Mehvesh Baig is a mompreneur and the owner of AnM Couture. We interviewed her to find out more about her business story:
  • Please tell us about yourself. Your name, where you are from, where do you currently live.
    My name is Mehvish Baig, I am from Karachi, Pakistan and currently reside in West Oakville, ON.


  • What is your business name and when did you get started?
    The name of our business in AnM Couture, I started with this venture with my younger sister in year 2019.
  • What inspired & motivated you to start your own business?
    The reason for starting this business is to meet the demand and needs of eastern and stylish clothing by the Asian community in Canada and USA. Moreover, we take pride in providing customized services to our clientele and keep the audience updated with latest and upcoming fashion trends in Pakistan. Also, we deal with authentic original clothing from leading brands of Pakistan. I am a fashion enthusiast always had a natural inclination towards designing and styling elements of different silhouettes. With this venture my passion has been highlighted in quality products and services that are delivered to my customers.
  • What are your business goals?

To become a leading one stop style solution at best price to all clientele. To maintain honest and trust relationship with all clientele with safety protocols due to Covid 19. To bring forth Pakistan’s original label/designer high quality and stylish clothing at much affordable price?

  • What were the challenges in you faced and how did you overcome them?
    The first and foremost challenge is to gain the trust of our customers. Second challenge is to grow our customer base. Third was the shipping and delivery costs. By the grace of Almighty we delivered what we promised with our clients. There are positive customer feedbacks on our page to authenticate this.

Still we are striving to reach more  customers and deliver the best quality products and styling services at economical price and gradually people are getting acquainted with our business  though we need more references and new customers to expand our business. Shipping and delivery of products is ensured through safest and fastest medium that is FedEx or DHL. As we are online resellers, we require advance payment for order fulfillment.


  • The best business advice you ever received is…
    The 3 Ps of success in business: Patience, perseverance and persistence should be followed in providing quality product to the client.
    Also, if we don’t like the product, we don’t sell.


  • Tell us about the products you offer?
    We are currently providing our international clientele with online children and adult women clothing.
    1. Custom stitched and Designer styled female attires from Pakistani brands. This includes wedding formal dresses, semi formal and casual outfits.
    2. Unstitched clothing. This includes formal, semi formal, and casual.
    3. Designer and branded Pretwear. This includes any special request by the customer for specific designer ready to wear garments.
    4. Ready to deliver/In hand garments are also available in Canada.
    5. Accessories
    6. Customised style solutions for particular events as per client requirements.


  • How do you advertise your business?
    Any one can google with typing Anmcouturepk, it pulls up all the info, website, business hours and can look at freshly uploaded dress photos and ongoing promotions We are also using social media like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and Instagram to reach our audience. Moreover, we are using marketplace and word of mouth publicity to highlight our work. We have a home-based setup in Oakville Canada, where customers can reach us and have a look at on hand inventory ready to wear products, discuss their requirements and purchase in hand items.


  • How does your business help the community?
    We are providing authentic high-quality latest clothing solutions to our international clientele thereby making them proficient in their fashion and style choices. Through our work and social communication, we are making the Asian community here aware of all the latest brands, fabrics, styles and moreover fashion trends in Pakistan. We take pride in selling designer styled and stitched outfits in the best price in least possible time. We take care of all artistic details of stitched dresses while making these for our clients which can hardly be dealt by the customer personally in Canada. So, we are saving our customers time, money and effort and providing best product, in least possible time at the most economical price.


  • How do you balance your business & home life?
    We are living in multitasked modern society; technology plays a vital role in supporting entrepreneurs like me such as appointed timings, scheduling client’s appointments, analyzing market/business goals and productive feedback, then in home life following the regular routine with school going kids with same efficacy, the harmonious balance is due to the fact of a being a humble Muslim diligently practicing the teachings of Islam in our daily life.


  • How do you unwind yourself?
    Spending more time with family and friends. Enjoying nature walk (weather permitted) and listening/reading to beautiful Quran recitations before sleeping?


  • What is a day in your life like? Is your family involved in your business?
    Yes, My younger sister is always helping me from Pakistan and she is the main Head/Administrator/Supplier and so are my both sons help me in this wonderful business by helping me to setup for watch parties, in doing most of tech privy work and in advertising as well as giving privacy when I am busy with my valued client in their queries. I believe, I have stated how my day looks like with above statement.


  • What advice would you give to others who want to start their own business?
    Believe in yourself and everyone of us is unique and more capable. I would encourage women to become financially independent and responsible by showcasing their talent, passion and knowledge in their respective areas of interest and expertise?
  • How can we find you online- social media platforms sites & personal site & email etc?


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