eid saeed

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Assalam o Alaikum,

We hope you had a wonderful Eid this year, Muslim Moms of Canada.

You must be missing our daily dose of articles, but like every other Muslim household, our days too passed in a blur as the holy month of Ramadan neared its end. So we took a little break that has lasted from the last ashra to some days after Eid.

We did run a giveaway with Toronto based, all Canadian beauty brand Vasanti Cosmetics and the winner was announced earlier this week. Congratulations to the lucky lady, we hope you enjoy making yourself prettier with them!

We are also in the last stretch of summer vacations, since regular outings and tasks take a back seat during Ramadan, many families postponed their vacation plans to coincide with Eid. Some of our team members are still away on vacations! The others took a stay-cation, discovering all that was to be done within driving distance in the GTA, but we are now back and all geared up to bring you more articles, information, recipes, parenting tips, light doses of laughter, even make up tutorials and so much more!

Ramadan and Eid was also a sombre affair due to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. These days have seen an increase in social media activism and hopefully peace would prevail in the Middle East, albeit at the cost of many innocent casualties. We will keep up with highlighting and covering key current affairs and issues that are making headlines in the mainstream media.

In other news, we had a great and inspiring start to our Mompreneur section. There are so many enterprising ladies among us and we do have other tales of determination and success lined up for you.

On a lighter note, we had also started a new section ‘Between Friends’ where you can read as well as contribute short works of fiction, poetry, humour and personal stories that can inspire other moms.

Also remember to drop by our forum, where we all gather, dissect issues, share opinions, advice and help each other.

Lastly, we would to thank all of our readers and supporters – we started this year in May and in just these few months our numbers have grown up quite impressively masha Allah. We aspire to become THE Voice of all Muslim Moms in Canada and with your support and encouragement, that day will dawn soon enough, insha Allah!

Thank you again.

Keep reading, stay safe.


Team MuslimMoms.ca