Recently our team member Beenish Mahmood interviewed Mental Health Counsellor Hiba Hamed.

May is considered Mental Health Awareness Month across Canada . During this monthCanadians can learn about mental illnesses and how they affect peoples lives in different ways. In addition, the public can learn more about how to reduce the stigma around mental illnesses. For this purpose we interviewed Hiba Hamed about mental health awareness.

Hiba Hamed is a mental health counsellor. She is first generation Lebanese-Canadian born in Ottawa, Ontario but raised in Windsor, Ontario. Hiba speaks three languages (English, French and Arabic) and has both an honours in Arts and Sciences (Psychology and Biological Sciences) with a Masters in Social Work. Hiba main interest include working with different population individuals in the community, health, wellness, and advocating for the rights of people in need or who are going through tough times. Hiba also worked in different fields and is hoping to complete either her phD and/or enter into medical school God willing.

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About the Interviewer:

Beenish Mahmood is a member of the contributors team for MuslimMoms.Ca. She is an Administrative professional with years of experience working with children with special needs. She also volunteers at Literacy South Halton tutoring adults with Down Syndrome and Learning Difficulties. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, travelling, and serving the community.