Team Members


Meet the dedicated team behind MuslimMoms.Ca whose untiring contribution has transformed this project from a dream to reality.

Erum Zehra

Erum ZehraOur Project Manager Erum Zehra brings years of experience as a website consultant to this endeavor. She is an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi and one of the early adopters of online social media. She currently resides in West GTA and channels her vision for empowering women through her many online projects.

She previously founded a women entrepreneurs group in Pakistan which is now a thriving group with more than 50,000 active members. She is currently working as the Marketing Manager for SHE Canada magazine. She also administers a lively Facebook group created to bring together Muslim mothers in the GTA and organizes regular get-togethers for its members.

MuslimMoms.Ca is the perfect segue to her many undertakings as it seeks to create an online portal/community of Muslim Moms from all walks of life, from all over Canada and beyond.

Aaisha Zafar Islam

Aaisha Wasi KhanOur Executive Editor Aaisha Zafar Islam is a trained communications specialist who has worked for publications, e-zines and TV channels in Pakistan as well as UAE. She is also responsible for launching Pakistan’s first Media Sciences degree program. These days she is struggling famously to get her two brats to listen to her.

She loves good reads, analyzing popular culture, arcane facts, acerbic wit and extremely dry humour. Her verbosity can be read at AWKwords and MascaraMom. Mediocrity, grammar mistakes, syntax errors and deliberate typos give her an aneurysm; she is not faring well in the age of social media. Her revenge is to share FT articles most would not have access to.

Her sagacity stems from years of abject sleep deprivation. Her ultimate goal is to use the word ‘erudite’ in a life-defining sentence. Or get her kids clean up the mess they make.

Mona Ismaeil

MonaOur Associate Editor Mona Ismaeil is a graduate of Concordia University College of Alberta with a degree in Sociology and an after-degree in Elementary Education. She spent three years teaching grade five students before the birth of her daughter Manessa. She is now a stay-at-home mom and a business owner.

Modern Hejab, Mona’s business venture, is an online hijab store specializing in bringing together fashion and faith. Her goal is to show how beautiful and easy it is to be true to your faith, modest and still be fashionable. Writing and being a part of the team is right up Mona’s alley as she has written for Sisters Magazine, Annisaa Magazine and has her own blog. Mona loves to share her passion for fashion and education as well as her experiences as a new mom.

Aruj Sipra

Aruj SipraOur Community Manager Aruj Sipra ensures everything runs smoothly on our interactive discussion board. She is a Pakistani Canadian, born into a family of educators who instilled in her a love of learning. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Social Work and French from Punjab University. She has over eight years of teaching experience in preschool and kindergarten environments and also contributes in various community projects as a volunteer. She is married to a wonderful man who is also serving in the education sector.

Her goal is to make this world a better place by educating the young minds and make them a valuable asset of the community.

Sadaf Afshan

Our Editor Sadaf Afshan lends her blogging expertise to our Parenting section. She is a mother to two little angels and wife to an incredibly supportive husband.  With an MBA in Marketing and HR, she owns and operates an online boutique Chosen Path Abayas and manages a food blog at My Culinary Adventures.

A freelance writer on Islamic Parenting and student of the Quran, she  loves faith, food, fashion and family – not necessarily in that order!

Iman Khan

Hijabistas.netOur Editor Iman Khan shares pertinent articles for new immigrants to Canada. She is of Indian ethnicity and a recent immigrant to Canada herself. She lives in Mississauga, ON, with her family and  currently enjoys spending time exploring her new home country. Her profound appreciation for cultural diversity and integration is what prompts her to chronicle her newcomer experiences on Muslim Moms. She  hopes that her experiences may benefit others looking to make a similar journey.

Iman is also a modest fashion evangelist and the creative founder of She’s channeling her modest fashion blogging experience as an entrepreneur, bringing designer hijabs from Dubai and South Africa to Canada. Her e-store, Kaamilah Online, is a one-stop luxury boutique for Muslim families in North America.

Somia Khan

somiaOur Assistant Community Manager Somia Khan assists in managing our vibrant community and dons many hats. She has studied Economics, is a qualified Cost and Management Accountant from Pakistan and has worked in the forex market. She has also studied for an entrepreneurship diploma and is qualified to work as an electrologist and medical aesthetician, both from Montreal.

She has three kids and plans to open up her own medical clinic in Milton, Ontario in the near future.

Sadaf Ali

Sadaf Ali

Sadaf Ali is the Graphics wiz at who was born and brought up in Dubai, UAE. As a freelance graphic designer and photographer, Sadaf brings more than ten years of experience in media, marketing and design to She also has a photography and design studio: A Thousand Words Creative Studio.

She’s a full time mom to her three year old son, who is also involved in community work, she takes time out of her at-home duties to volunteer for Community Halton Development.  She lives in Burlington, ON but loves to travel and explore new places.

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