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Eds’ Note: Blessed Ramadan

ramadan kareem

Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness” (2:183)

The most beautiful and blessed month is coming very soon and it is never too early to prepare. These 29 or 30 days, give us so many opportunities for reconnecting with family, the soul and most importantly Allah (swt). It is the greatest time to reignite your inner fire.

We at Muslimmoms.ca have a wonderful line up of articles for you for Ramadan. Why do you fast? What happens if you eat something? People question what they do not understand and the concept of “starving yourself” for the sake of religion is something many do not understand. Do you have the answers? We do in our FAQ of Ramadan article.

Did you know that fasting can actually be beneficial to your health? We have a number of wonderful articles that will show you the benefits of fasting as well as to help ensure you have a healthy Ramadan.

Working during Ramadan can be a challenge and we have the tips you need to speak to your employer and colleagues about Ramadan as well how to keep up with your work during Ramadan.

It is essential to excite our children about Ramadan and Eid. With the strong presence of Christmas, Easter and other Non-Muslim holidays in the West, it is vital that we show our children the beauty of our holidays. Educate them and involve them. We have some lovely crafts to share with you that will undoubtedly get your kids motivated!

Inviting guests over for Iftar? Along with our weekly recipes you’ll surely want to share at an iftar gathering, we also have some healthy suhoor ides to share. Further, we’ll give you our advice on iftar etiquette.

A jam packed month to help you with all your Ramadan planning! Wishing you a blessed Ramadan!

Ed’s Note: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Eds Note April

We’re still awaiting Spring here in Toronto. Weather, that capricious friend friend of ours, teased us with a fleeting hint of Spring before bringing more snow with a polar vortex our way. In a way it is quite apropos of this month’s theme here at MuslimMoms.ca. Have you guessed it yet?

This month, April, is dedicated to toddlers! Yes, those little beings who have us wrapped around their chubby little fingers, throw a tantrum at the drop of a toy and then, just as the sky clears up after a thunderstorm, reward us with the most beatific of smiles.

Parenting is never an easy journey, and as your little own starts to grow and become into his own person, what ensues is a battle of wills. You can’t reason with a two year old, and his or her reasons to want anything will defy all logic, time and safety concerns. Most parents will have this caveat to share with new parents, enjoy the infant years, troublesome twos cometh!

They will want things at odd times, things they have no business playing with, cry because they’re so tired they don’t want to take a nap, and then cry when woken up from their nap. If anyone’s ever come up with a sure-fire list of things to keep a toddler happy, well, we don’t know of it as yet! However we believe in learning from sharing and that’s what we’ll do.

This month, we have lined up articles from our team of writers, seasoned mothers all, who share how they meandered through toddler years. Everyone has different circumstances and no two children are the same, even when they’re twins. What we can take away from the experiences of our writers are small lessons we can adapt to suit our needs. Toilet training, attending weddings with little ones in tow, or even showing enough courage to go to the Jumuah prayers with them, our moms have been there, and done that.

We will also be sharing fun activity ideas to keep them busy and of course have special recipes that are sure to appeal to the most fussy of eaters, so keep reading and do share how you fared through your child’s toddler years.

The joy, the tears, each day once past, is memorable, let’s make merry memories this April.

Salam Alaikum!

Ed’s Note: We Women


Salam Alaikum Moms.

We thought the worst of winter was behind us. However, as we huddle in our blankets and hear the howling winter storm winds outdoors in the GTA, blanketing everything in white snow, we also know that come tomorrow morning, we will once again dip into reservoirs of inner strength and get ready to face another day.

Our theme for this month is just that, this March we will be celebrating strong, dedicated women amongst us. Islamic history is inspirational in how women had been cherished and afforded opportunities to excel in life. Sacrifice, grit, bravery, honour, erudition, we only have to look at the lives of Ummahat al Momineen to be inspired in our daily lives. Returning to our day and times, we have a stellar lineup of articles, from teachers who shape our personalities in school, to charities run for and by women. We will also be sharing networking tips, and showcase Muslim Mompreneurs so you can find the courage to finally take your idea and transform it into a business entity.

At MuslimMoms.ca, we are also proud of our team of writers and editors who come from all walks of life and try to bring to you, our readers, informative, entertaining articles that, we hope, makes your life somewhat easier in Canada. Whether you learn something new, or get a good laugh out of one of writer’s witticism, we like to know that our readership enjoys the content we put together for them just as much as we do.

We look forward to hearing from you as always.


Ed’s Note: What’d I Do Without You?


February is traditionally the ‘red’ month, when hearts in all its sappy variations, chocolates and cuddly soft toys tempt us at every trip to the stores. Yes, Valentine. However at MuslimMoms.ca we celebrate not just ‘love’ we dedicate this month to relationships.

We are social beings, we have an innate need to be around people, be able to talk to them, tell them how we feel and assess how they feel and respond accordingly. How we relate to those around us makes us homo sapiens.

For this month, we have a stellar line up of articles. Whether it is self-realization, or a humourous take on advice to our younger self, dealing with toxic people, or lessons learned from decades of parenthood, our writers will have you coming back to this place all through February 2016!

If you are in mood for kitchen inspirations, we have you covered as well. Every Friday, we are going to feature a Recipe of the Week. Savoury entrees and sumptuously decadent desserts, make sure you check back every Friday to see what treat our food expert has to share.

For craft-lovers, we will be sharing Islamic crafts as a means to bond with your little ones while teaching them about our beautiful deen.

We believe in fostering positive, meaningful relationships, and most of all, we want to know what our readers want to read more of.

Have a fabulous February and here’s to hoping for an early spring.

Ed Notes: Laughing Our Way Into A New Year!


Welcome  2016! Every year we find ourselves saying  the same thing “Last year went by so fast!” and truth is, once a year starts, we really do not know how the days and weeks whizz past by!

Each New Year is a new opportunity to start clean, make new goals, experience new adventures and reach new accomplishments! What a fantastic opportunity!

At Muslimmoms.ca we also know that January is right in the midst of the winter and with winter brings with it, those “winter blues”. Not on our watch though! This month we have just the answer to your feeling blue, we’re the friends who drop by with a warm bowl of soup when you feel down. In our version of course we will be brightening your days with a lineup of funny pieces to bring humour and and cheer back in your lives. And we can’t bring you some warm soup in person, but we will have really nice recipes for you to try and share with your families.

Now let’s talk another New Year must: Resolutions. Have you a list of to-do for the year? We have some great tips for making and sticking to your year’s goals.  Canadian winters are unlike any other winters but ONLY Canadians know that! We are the True North after all and we will bring you a list of fun things to do in this month.

How many children is one too many? One child or six, we all have our struggles. One of our writers bravely shares her Confessions of a Mom of….5! So many funny scenarios we’ve all experienced and believe it or not, she can make having 5 kids look fun!

Aside from loosing our minds during our long winter months, we have a great superb article reminding you of “items” you’re likely to loose and find during our chilly winters.

As a new addition to the Muslimmoms.ca website, we’ll be having our resident nutrition specialist sharing some wonderful recipes every week! They are easy to make and undoubtedly delicious! Get excited about cooking all over again!

Wishing you a wonderful January! Hopefully the Muslimmom Team and keep you smiling each and every day!

Ed’s Note: Our Connected Worlds

Our connected worlds

It’s September already. Who else wants to cling to the last remnants of a summer well spent? We loved the love our articles received for our ‘Back to School’ theme last month. For this month the team at MuslimMoms.ca decided to segue into what is now a natural progression of the learning experience: Technology.

Many parents among us had to give up on the battle against limiting their child’s screen time in the vacations but come September we will all be rethinking our strategies. We cannot deny that connectivity and technology is all pervasive in our lives today, from our highly connected existences to small appliances we use at home to get our work done. Are we addicted to our smartphones and are distracted parents? Should we consider a digital detox?

There are both good and bad sides to anything and same goes for what use we put the various technological tools we have on our hands today. There are numerous apps to help us streamline our daily lives, even help us in our Ibadah and aid in the learning process, for both Deen and Dunya.  All through September our team have a line-up of articles that can get you all thinking and of course we would love to hear back from you on how it affects your lives too. Should mothers worry over their children spending too much time over the social media? Should we limit our own times with our devices just to set an example? We’ll discuss these topics and then some more over the coming days, including tips for online mompreneurs and tales from the trenches on online dating in the Muslim world.

Later in the month we will be celebrating Eid ul Adha and we look forward to your feedback on how you incorporate your own traditions into your Canadian lifestyle and own this Muslim celebration.

September is also when winters start creeping into our lives. However we lover Fall more, let’s see how soon Mother Nature sees us bringing out our winter gear. We will of course share fall appropriate recipes, fashion, home decor, lifestyle and shopping tips with our readers to celebrate this month.

The kids are back in school, you have more time on hands, what better way to spend it than read what MuslimMoms.ca have in store for you?

Have a blessed September.


Safe Travels!

Safe Travels

Here we are ladies, can you believe it is May already? The sun is shining, kids are almost done with the school year and families are planning for their summer vacations.

The world is full of incredible and exciting places. Everyone has at least a few places on their bucket list they want to visit. Where do you want to go? Do you want to visit the glorious Taj Mahal in India? Perhaps you want to explore the Great Pyramids of Giza. How about enjoying the company of rare turtles and exotic fish? Whatever it is you dream of doing, nothing is more amazing than having your family with you for the ride.

The Muslimmom.ca team have a wonderful collection of travel articles for you this month. We share with you the good, the bad and the very ugly of travelling with children.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning your vacation is the most important part and who better to help you then moms? We share tips for what to pack for your trip and what types of medication you should always have on hand while travelling. It’s better to be prepared all the time!

Where to go? Our sisters have some great reviews of different destinations. If they had a great time, so will you!

Worried about your layovers? Have no fear, we have tips for how to keep your children occupied during those long waits between flights with our Children’s Airport Guide.

Take the Trip

Do you envy people who are casually pulling a single handbag behind them while you and your family juggle three carts of luggage? Plan and pack right and you can be one of those enviable folks as well.

Nothing is harder than keeping up with your healthy eating and fitness routines. Luckily for us, our resident fitness expert has an easy to follow plan so you can still eat well and keep up with your work-out routines while on vacation

Travelling with kids is never an easy task but our team of moms have ‘been there, done that’ and share their tried and tested tips to survive any trip. If you are hesitant to travel with your baby, read on and learn how to make it an easy journey!

Making Memories

Any trip will either go one of two ways; it can be a trip of a lifetime, or a total disaster. Whatever the case, you’ll be making memories to look back on one day and laugh.  We know this because our team shares some of their memorable travel tales ranging from missing baggage to illegal aliens.  They weren’t funny then but they’ll be sure to make you laugh now!

Whether you head out of town for a day trip, have a cruise on your agenda or plan a stay-cation with the family, we hope that you will have the time of your life. Traveling with your family will be filled with so many moments of joy, laughter and wonder. We hope that our tips and trick will help make your travels that much easier!

Bon voyage and safe travels!

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Wedded Bliss

Ed's Note April 2015

We can’t believe we’re well into Spring, though the temperatures keep on defying the calendar!

April is a month that sees many wedding vows being exchanged. Family life is the core of any society and the basis of any family is the sacred bond of marriage. As women we all look forward to that one day where we will be the stars of our own fairy tales, when the world would revolve around us and all eyes will be on us; the day we get married. What looks like a seamless, perfect ceremony is seldom that though. A lot of research, searching, planning and tears go into executing the perfect dream wedding.

Weddings, weddings

So this month, April, we will be celebrating Weddings. A lot of us may already have passed the rites of passage and settled comfortably into our lives. Many still are thinking of taking the leap.

We draw on experts and experiences of Muslim Moms to share with our readers how to plan their wedding, or help a loved one see their dream wedding come true.

Who are wedding planners, what do they do and do you need one? How important is choosing the right venue for your wedding ceremony, and what bridal trends are en vogue? How do you choose the right makeup artist to doll you up? We have answers to all your urgent questions.

Not just about brides and grooms, we also have tips on how to make sure that your little ones don’t embarrass you much as you sit through a ceremony.

The birds and bees talk, don’t we all dread it? But we need to have that talk and a wedding may be the perfect segue to introduce this topic into conversation with the older children. (On a related note, read our on-going coverage of the new Health and Physical Education Curriculum here.)

And of course what is talk about weddings without some fond and funny memories gleaned from our team members?  We’ll be looking forward to funny anecdotes from your Big Day as well!

In Laws

In laws, the word instils fear and doubt among the best of us, but does it have to? Our contributors will be writing about how to deal with in laws, a note of loving advice for our future son/daughter in law and how multi-cultural weddings work.

For our fans

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and like/follow us on our social media. We do have giveaways and contests regularly, to show how much we appreciate the support of our readers and fans, Muslim Moms all over North America.

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, do connect with us to stay updated with  the latest.

We look forward to an exciting month ahead of us, and warmer, sunnier climes so we can head out and soak in some sun!


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Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is in the air!

Who here loves winters? With the kind of weather most of Canada has experienced this past month, we have a whole new level of understanding (and dread) for the term ‘dead of the winter’. From setting new records of low temperatures to repeated ‘extreme cold alerts’, February was one cold and long month, never mind that the calendar said it was just 28 days!

Come March, we hope that spring comes marching in early. We love our winters here in Canada, but we also believe that it makes us appreciate spring more and look forward to the warm, sunny summer months with more enthusiasm than displayed in other parts of the world.

At Muslim Moms of Canada, we are dedicating this month, March 2015, to Spring -the season of eternal hope and ‘new life’. We will be talking about not just spring cleaning our homes, but also getting the negativity out of our lives for a better outlook. From heading outdoors for work-outs to instilling a love of nature in our children, from natural remedies for minor ailments to an exclusive interview with a rising star in the GTA political scene, we have an array of topics for you.

March is also Spring Break time, so stay tuned, we will share some activities on how to keep the kids busy without losing your sanity in that one week ! Thinking of ‘cleaning up’ your eating habits? Our resident nutritionist has some tips for you on the ‘Raw Food’ diet. We have humour, fashion and beauty trends report as well as a report on a new Muslim boutique opening in the GTA.

If you want to keep updated on the recent developments on the Health and Physical Education Curriculum issue, head over to our special coverage page, where our team writers share their opinions. We look forward to more of your contributions, comments and opinions.

Remember to like our Facebook fanpage, you’re going to love Sister Sensible for her daily reminders and gentle humour! Also, we hope you are following us on our social media. We are on Twitter and Instagram as well! Also subscribe to our newsletter and participate on our forums to stay connected with latest deals, events and like-minded Muslim Moms.

March has gotten off to a chilly start, but we can’t wait to shed all the winter gear and head out to enjoy some fresh air! Clear blue skies, we did miss you so!