Preparing for a Healthy Ramadan

As we get ready to welcome Ramadan, it is important to remember that the fasting experience has positive effects on our spirituality as well as our physical health. To maximize the health benefits offered by fasting, we should plan our Ramadan meals well and watch what we eat. Below are our tips and tricks for preparing for Ramadan, and we also have details of a fantastic contest, brought to you by Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills.

superstoreHealthy ideas for Suhoor

Ramadan consists of two primary meals, Suhoor and Iftar. Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal, should be a wholesome meal that is filling and provides us with energy to get through the day. It helps to include slow digesting foods in Suhoor. Some healthy choices are barley, wheat, oats, beans, lentils, etc. These can be prepared in advance as soups or cereals to save time. You also need to stay hydrated during the day. Having milk and yogurt during Suhoor will help to curb your thirst while you are fasting. You can have yogurt with fruit and granola and also prepare milkshakes or smoothies for Suhoor. We have found that Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills are one-stop shops that are committed to catering to Canadian Muslims’ needs, making it easier for us to grocery shop during the month of Ramadan.



Healthy ideas for Iftar

Iftar is the meal at the end of your fast. Your body needs immediate nourishment at this time. It is best to start your meal with dates as is the sunnah of the Prophet. Dates are extremely nutritious and refreshing. Eating fruits is also important as they replenish important vitamins and nutrients in your body to help you get through the hot summer. Other healthy foods to include in Iftar are fruits such as berries, melons and citrus fruits; vegetables such as olives, onions, cucumbers and pulses such as lentils. Some ways of having them are fruits salads, tomato and lettuce salads and lentil soups. These foods are good to have as they revitalize, nourish and hydrate you. It is also advisable to include healthy proteins such as grilled fish and Chicken in your Iftar meal. Remember not to over eat as it is unhealthy and may lead to indigestion.

Shopping for Ramadan

Prepare for Ramadan by stocking up on the foods you will be consuming every day. Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills – your one-stop grocery stores for Ramadan – offer a great variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. They also stock a variety of Zabeeha by hand options from Sufra. Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills are ideal grocery stores to do your complete shopping for Ramadan. The best thing about them is that you can get good quality food at low prices

Sufra Whole Chicken


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  1. I’d like to win it for a refugee family or a needy family

  2. Gift card will b great help for doing ramadan groceries from no frills.

    1. Gift card will b great help for doing ramadan groceries from no frills.

  3. Good to have a gift in Ramadan

  4. i think my friend would greatly appreciate this because she has four kids and fasting is not easy for her and she can definitely use this to stock up on some items before ramadan so she won’t have to go to do grocery.

  5. The intention is to donate 100% of the gift cards received, to the food bank. Summer is a tough time for them, and they need as mush as we can give.

  6. I’d like to share with @SidraUsman who cooks amazingly delicious food for my get togethers and I can’t wait for the Chand raat one!

  7. My friend Noreen has kids of different age groups… teenagers and a preschool too. She can benefit from this card a lot in Ramazan by purchasing fruits , dates , milk and meat.These healthy foods will boost their energies and make them healthy.

  8. A gift can make someone’s day. As one of the purpose of Ramadan is to feel the feelings of hungry people who don’t have much to eat. Needy people can use it to buy useful stuff. It can be given to a needy friend or other people in need.

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