The “H” Word, how to speak to your teen

By Mona Ismaeil

Teens with hijab
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The “H” Word!  What is the “H” word you ask? It is that word that many teen girls dread hearing as in their minds they believe it will turn their worlds upside down and turn them into someone they don’t know or want to know. It is that conversation that they might come up with every excuse they can in order to escape it. They may even offer to do chores to seem busy! It doesn’t have to be so bad, here are some tips for how to talk to your teen daughter about…HIJAB!

Why we wear hijab 

Nothing is worse for a teen than hearing “just because I told you so”. Teens are easily influence by the media and those around them that it is vital for them to hear the REAL reason we wear hijab or they may end up believing what they see on TV. By explaining to your daughter, that hijab is meant to protect her, and that it is a sign of modesty and respect for Allah (swt) as well as a sign of respect for herself, she should be more likely to wear it with pride or if she hasn’t put it on already, be more likely to want to.  (more…)

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How To Connect With Your Teenager

By Somaira Arshad

Parenting Teens
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Lack of communication and over-parenting – these are two major issues that teens mostly complain about. Seemingly opposite, these two are actually different sides to the same coin. It is the absence of a meaningful relationship between parent and child that leads to an over-protective parenting style.

Granting personal space, showing respect for individual freedom and keeping their expectations real in academic and social realms – that’s what teens want from their parents.

Respect for elders, abstaining from drugs and/or alcohol and sexual promiscuity, better academic performance and abiding by social and religious norms – that is what parents expect from their children. (more…)

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