Teaching Our Kids the Attitude of Gratitude

By Fariha Asif

Thanks to Allah

Gratitude means being able to feel blessed for all that you have and if that displays in your everyday routine and your gestures that’s is an attitude of gratitude.

As Muslims we know how much Allah emphasizes on being grateful not only to Him but the people around us as well. As narrated by Abu Hurairah,Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said:

“Who ever does not thank people does not thank Allah.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi) (more…)

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Are Weekend Islamic Schools Important ?

By Rumina Rizvi


As immigrants we bring with us a baggage of moral, social and cultural values along with religious and traditional values. In smaller nuclear family setups here, parents responsibilities increase as they have other important issues to tackle apart from raising kids with religion based education. As immigrants, people try hard to adjust in a new system and adhere to social norms of the society, it weakens the base for children to learn their religious beliefs and practices. So parents are under a lot of pressure. In today’s rapidly changing society it is not easy even for born Canadians to keep the right balance.  (more…)

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