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Salam Shop Opening

By Aaisha Zafar Islam

Salam Shop Opening

It is heartening to see Muslim businesses open shop in the GTA. Founded by enterprising Muslims in the community, these shops provide a storefront to small businesses and Muslim entrepreneurs. Most of these enterprises already have a steady clientele and customer base because of their online business, and a retail location is a natural progression for them –  a sign that they have ‘arrived’.

Early last month Salam Shop opened doors to welcome customers into its chic West Mississauga location. Catering to both the Mississauga residents in the area, and within driving distance from Milton and Oakville, the opening was a highly anticipated event for an otherwise frigid month. We were invited before the official opening, as ‘media’ and despite it being a cold and dreary February with snow and flurries, there were people lining up at the door to come inside and shop! We attribute this to the social media savvy of the founder, Sudduf Wyne who had kept her followers posted on how the shop was coming along, any new vendors who signed up to participate in her vision for the boutique, as well as announcements for giveaways and special promos for the opening weekend.

Muslim Moms of Canada was thrilled to be invited this special occasion. Tucked away in the same plaza as Pamier Kabob in Mississauga, Salam Shop’s outdoors is very unassuming, but walk in and you’ll be entering a whole new world.

Salam Shop is a complete lifestyle boutique for the Muslim family, there’s something for everyone. The aim when seeking our vendors for her shop, Sudduf Wyne says, was to look for businesses that were local and promoted fair-trade. The attention to detail in the boutique speaks volumes for the love and vision behind Salam Shop. From organic, hand-made skincare, crafts, handmade toys, home décor items, tasteful bling for young women, apparel for men, women and children to fresh flowers and a selection of Islamic books, you will find yourself browsing for quite some time in the shop. There is something for everyone!  It is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically appealing shops we’ve been to. A word of caution: you will end up with a lot of impulse buys at Salam Shop, it’s hard to resist their displays!

A definite winner, to make this a family-friendly shopping option is the children’s area at the back (right next to the candy display!) and a free-trade café  serving tea, coffee and baked goodies, with a relaxing vibe, right inside the shop. SO ladies can look around at leisure while their menfolk can enjoy some java and the kids can be kids without tugging away at Mama’s clothes!

Salam Shop will also be hosting a special event to celebrate International Women’s Day this Sunday. It’s a ladies-only event, you can learn more about it here.

We wish all the best to this exciting new endeavour and see ourselves visiting it often to stock up on Halal gummy multi-vitamins for kids!

Skincare, Deciding On What To Buy

By Annie Mian

photo credit: Lorenia via photopin cc

photo credit: Lorenia via photopin cc


How do you decide between $$$ for a tub of face moisturizer from a department store, versus an inexpensive brand bought at the drugstore for $? Both will last you two months, both smell good, both promise you the same outcome. Light bulb! The pricey one glows in the dark!

As a pharmacy technician and an esthetician, I have worked in drugstores and high end spas, I’ve seen the best of both worlds.

We often get swallowed into today’s brand name wars, if it’s expensive, it works, right? Wrong! Your skin is so unique; no other person will have the exact same type as yours despite a similar lifestyle and environment. (Read more about identifying your skin type here.)

The Costco Experience

By Muneezah Jawad

Image credit: 123RF Stock Photos

Image credit: 123RF Stock Photos

Costco is a membership warehouse club with locations throughout the world.  It has merchandise ranging from snow blowers to pet food. All your needs are under one roof. I think its best described as a shopper’s paradise and every husband’s nightmare.

Many a brave man has walked into the store to leave huffing and puffing with a truck load of things, a smug, smiling wife and a much lighter wallet!

The irony is that Costco requires you to purchase an annual membership to actually spend your money there. Membership options vary from province to province ranging from $55-$150, with varying tiers to choose from. You can sign up in store at customer service desk or online at Entrance to the main shopping area is allowed only with a membership card.