About Us

Created by moms, MuslimMoms.ca is a community portal to give a voice to Muslim Mothers all over Canada and empower them.

MuslimMoms.ca is where mothers come together to share information, ideas, resources and foster meaningful connections with like-minded mothers.

MuslimMoms.ca is intended to be the ONE place you come to, for everything and anything that pertain to being a Muslim Mom in Canada.


To establish a prolific online forum catering to Muslim mothers seeking advice and expertise on everyday life and parenting issues in Canada.

Vision Statement

To be the primary social networking destination and information resource for Muslim mothers across Canada.

Website Description

The Voice of Muslim Moms in Canada.

MuslimMoms.ca is a community portal that welcomes mothers from all walks of life in Canada. This is where they can interact with other moms, find in-depth analyses, well-balanced reviews and opinions and share their own views on life in the country.

MuslimMoms.ca also serves recent immigrants to Canada and helps them in adjusting to a new life, find new friends, advise them on settling in and schooling option for kids, and be with them every step of the way in becoming a Canadian.